At least three protesters have been detained by Baton Rouge police after some tried to block a busy highway near Baton Rouge Police Headquarters.

Reports are in that federal prosecutors won't be bringing criminal charges against either of the Baton Rouge city policemen involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling during a confrontation outside a convenience store in North Baton Rouge last summer.

A witness told News 2's Brett Buffington that one person poured beer on a responding officer, escalating the situation.

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Shortly after several media outlets including the Washington Post broke the news that no federal charges would be filed, sources inside the Justice Department revealed the two officers involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling wouldn't face federal charges, a vigil previously scheduled at the store where the shooting happened grew to a crowd of people. WBRZ reports some protestors held signs promoting peace and love.

“What we mean... is, we ain't about to be tearing up stuff, but understand that as long as there's no justice in this country, there will be no peace,” a person said.

Things have been peaceful most of the night, but witnesses say two people were handcuffed at the scene, but we don't know yet if the people detained were charged.


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