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The Coronavirus Pandemic has more or less stopped life as we know it. Since March 11th, the world has changed dramatically. School was canceled. All major sports were canceled or put on hold. Major public gatherings of any kind were suspended. The world literally changed overnight. However, things are finally starting to return to some kind of normal. While rules for social distancing and restrictions on every day life still exist, sports and movies are slowly starting to comeback.

The UFC, NASCAR and Pro Wrestling have already returned to action with proper precautions in place. And now, it sounds like the National Hockey League will be the next major sport to resume action. Today at 3:30 pm (central time), NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will formally announce the league's plan to return to play for the 2019-2020 season.

While nothing has been made official yet, the rumor is that teams will return to the ice in early June for practice sessions and the season will jump right into an expanded playoff situation with 24 teams participating. With states like New York, New Jersey and California announcing they will allow pro sports to return, it makes sense that the NHL and NBA would attempt to finish their nearly completed seasons.

Fans or no fans. Restrictions or no restrictions. It's nice that staples of life are slowly but surely making a comeback. During these unusual and somewhat stressful times, sports may be just the distraction the world needs.

You can find more details about the NHL's plan to reopen from ESPN here.

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