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The COVID-19 vaccines have been the biggest weapon to fight against the COVID pandemic across the globe. Multiple companies, with backing of the United States government's Operation Warp Speed program, were able to develop these vaccines in record time.

But vaccines alone will not be enough to put the COVID pandemic into our rearview mirror. It will take therapeutics and treatments as well.

Now that COVID has had a spillover event and has become a human disease, it will always be with us. The goal is to make it manageable for the public, and for the medical system. There's a common misconception that one day COVID will drop to zero cases, but that's not how this kind of disease works.

In addition to Pfizer's groundbreaking COVID vaccine, the company is now deep in clinical trials on a therapeutic treatment that will be another game changer in the fight against COVID.

During a conference-call with investors, Pfizer offered an amazing update on a Protease Inhibitor therapy aimed at treating COVID. The drug is an oral treatment that is designed to combat COVID after someone has been diagnosed. The drug targets enzymes in the virus and prevent the virus from replicating inside the body. Its a similar treatment to successful HIV and Hepatitis C therapies.

The investment reporting company The Motley Fool reported on the call. They're breakdown includes details on the treatment, here's what they said:

"Chief scientific officer Mikael Dolsten said that in the phase 1 study, PF-07321332 exceeded the level predicted to inhibit coronavirus viral replication by more than fivefold. Dolsten also stated that the experimental protease inhibitor showed powerful antiviral activity in preclinical testing that could be effective against "all currently known COVID-19 variants."

So far, the experimental antiviral drug appears to have a good safety profile. Dolsten said that there haven't been any safety issues in giving doses of up to 500 milligrams twice per day over a 10-day period."

In addition to these treatments, the FDA has been expanding the use of monoclonal antibody treatments, and has given more access for the treatments from the company Regeneron as well. If we can develop these therapies, in addition to the current vaccine options, it's highly likely that we will be able to contain the COVID pandemic like never before.

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