The personal finance website WalletHub has conducted a Coronavirus Relief Survery, and found that 84% of Americans want another stimulus check.

One of the major pieces of the research was looking at who needs the money. They found 50% of the need is coming from Small Businesses, while 47% is coming from individuals. Of those surveyed, they felt that most businesses should be eligible for some kind of stimulus, with 95% of those surveyed saying any company who has seen their business lose 20% or more of their revenue should get stimulus money.

When it comes to money running out for Americans, 64% of those surveyed will run out of money in less than 90 days. With 29% running out in less than 30 days. Only 22% surveyed say they have enough to last more than 6 months.

Looking at how Americans have used their stimulus, and would use another stimulus check, 43% use theirs for rent or their mortgage, while 26% use it towards food, and 26% saved it. Less than 5% was used on non-essentials.


Source: WalletHub

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