Stonewall, Louisiana Representative Larry Bagley makes no bones about it. He blames the COVID vaccine for his recent heart attack.

In a story from the Louisiana Radio Network, Bagley says, “I personally on March 1st had a heart attack and died, I was revived in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, I did not get the booster, but I had no other reason to have a heart attack.”

Because of Bagley's personal experience and growing concerns about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccine, he has just authored a bill in Louisiana that would seek to make it a crime and impose fines on businesses that were guilty of denying someone entrance into a building merely based on their vaccination status.

From what we've learned, the bill went before a Louisiana House committee yesterday, Thursday, March 24, but apparently even some Republican lawmakers who have openly voiced their opposition to vaccine mandates in the past, had some reservations about it.

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Scott McKnight, a Baton Rouge Representative said, “What I disagree with in this bill, we are now taking a businesses’ choice on how they are going to run their business and dictating to them how they are going to run it.”

Okay, let me interject a little redneck wisdom on that opinion. We are already telling businesses what to do and giving them certain dictates.

It's already criminal to discriminate for a number of reasons including age, gender and race. How would this type of law against discrimination be any different?

Regardless of my logic on this, Bagley has temporarily deferred the bill, but has plans to present a revised version later in this session.

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