A new study of the healthiest cities in America shows that our hometown of Shreveport is, well, one of the unhealthiest place in the USA!

According to the personal finance website, WalletHub, Shreveport ranked 171 out of 174 places in America for overall wellness and health. The study included metrics like healthcare, food and diet, fitness and available green space.

WalletHub's says that Shreveport comes in 165 in healthcare, 171 in food and diet and fitness, and 165 in green space availability. Our city topped only Gulfport, Mississippi and Laredo and Brownsville in Texas in the overall rankings.

Here are a few more of WalletHub's Shreveport stats:

Health in Shreveport (1=Healthiest; 87=Avg.):

  • 42nd – Cost of Medical Visit
  • 147th – Mental-Health Counselors per Capita
  • 164th – Healthy Restaurants per Capita
  • 109th – Dietitians & Nutritionists per Capita
  • 116th – Avg. Cost of Fitness-Club Membership
  • 156th – Share of Physically Active Adults
  • 162nd – Running Trails per Capita

To see the complete WalletHub health and wellness study, including the Top Ten Healthy spots in the USA, JUST CLICK HERE!


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