Jaxson Hayes of the New Orleans Pelicans has been accused of physical abuse. According to TMZ Sports Sofia Jamora, Jaxson's ex-girlfriend has accused him of physical abuse to her and their puppy.

Jamora has alleged that Hayes has been violent in their relationship multiple times. Claiming that on Valentine's Day in their hotel room in Dallas he threw a suitcase at her and broke down a door trying to get her phone. She then goes on to say he apologized; however. allegedly he did not keep his word. She claimed that on the night that Hayes was arrested last summer he abused her that same night.

She claims that he threw their puppy to the ground, grabbed it, and shook it to the point where she had to stop him. She claimed she locked herself in the bathroom where again he broke down a door. She then goes on to claim that he began grabbing her, tossing her, and dragging her down some stairs. This was the night that Hayes had been arrested. Apparently, he was interfering with the police investigation and that is why what took place that night happened.

Jamora is taking Hayes to court. As more information is released we will keep you up to date.

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