Mardi Gras season in Shreveport is a big deal. Rain or shine, the Mardi Gras Krewes in Shreveport will roll, and fans will flock to the streets to celebrate the season and catch throws.

Not only does Mardi Gras bring a huge boost to the quality of life in Shreveport, it also brings a staggering economic impact. According to data from the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau $20 million in economic impact in 2023. They also found that nearly half of the attendees of the parades came from outside Shreveport/Bossier.

Of course everyone always thinks of the two big Krewes in Shreveport, Centaur and Gemini, but the area does have many smaller Krewes. Some of these smaller Krewes do have parades, but they're much shorter than the Centaur and Gemini routes that run from Downtown Shreveport to Kings Highway.

This year, a new parade will debut in Shreveport, featuring an up-and-coming Krewe...

The Krewe of Oceanus will have their first parade in Shreveport on Friday, February 9th, starting at 7pm.

Being a newer Krewe, they aren't ready to roll all the way through town (they'll get there), but they are absolutely ready to roll a parade for the people of Shreveport. This first parade will take place at Mall St. Vincent in Shreveport.

The Oceanus Parade promises floats, trailers, lawn mowers (without the blades), bike groups, and walking groups.

On their website, here's how the Krewe tells their story:

"The Krewe of Oceanus is a non-profit organization made up of members who are committed to participate and support the Mardi Gras activities in the Northwest Louisiana community. It is our mission to make what charitable donations we can to the Southern Hills Community and help foster an enduring rapport between the businesses and residents of Southern Hills."

Again, you can be a part of history this Friday night, as the Krewe of Oceanus holds their first ever parade. You can get more details here.

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