For a while, the COVID 19 statistics for Louisiana - mostly due to the rapidly spreading Delta variant - weren't very good. From mid to late summer, the state was at or near the top of, not only the number of cases, but hospitalizations nationwide.

But now all that has changed. And rapidly.

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the state has made a turnaround and can now boast the lowest rate of hospitalizations in the USA.

The latest numbers from the CDC show that Louisiana has just five hospitalizations per 100,000, compared to a national average of 14 per 100,000. The newest information also shows that there are now only 229 COVID patients hospitalized in the state, a reduction of 54%.

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At its highest, there were more than 3,000 COVID patients hospitalized in Louisiana, that coming during the Delta variant's peak month of August.

According to the CDC, Louisiana is also in the top 5 nationwide in lowest number of COVID cases, with just 8 per 100,000. The state ranks fourth, trailing only Florida, Georgia and Hawaii.
Interestingly, Louisiana has a vaccination rate of less than 50% (48%), compared to almost 60% nationwide.
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Both federal and state public health officials caution that there have been previous lows, followed by significant increases in both cases and hospitalizations. They emphasize that this time last year cases were also at low levels prior to Halloween, then case numbers began to surge during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, not only in Louisiana, but across the nation.
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