Residents of the Nantucket Harbor Apartments on the South shore of Cross Lake worry every time it rains. The parking lot of the complex flooded and they want something done about it.

Nantucket Harbor

One resident tells KEEL News she moved in in October and her car was ruined in November by rising water. She's gotten no help from management at the apartment complex. She tells us the heavy dumpster gets moved around as a result of the high water.

The residents are now in the habit of parking several hundred yards away from their home when the rains start so they can get out. They do have to hike through the high water to get to their cars.

KEEL News reached out to Shreveport Public Works Director Mike Wood who sent us this statement:

"We have not received any complaints.  I’ll send Streets and Drainage out in the morning.  If the ditch needs cleaning, we’ll take care of it."

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