Who doesn't love a good mystery? Especially when it involves your geographical area, and some old 8mm films from the 1960s...

This all sounds like the setup to a horror movie or mystery thriller television series. But its actually a real video posted to YouTube this week. Its some old video footage from the 1960s that was purchased recently, and then converted and posted online.

Chavez Gipson via Youtube.com
Chavez Gipson via Youtube.com

The video was posted by the account Chavez Gipson, and here's how its described on the account:

"Vintage 8mm film footage of the Christmas season from 1962 to 1964. Most of the footage looks to have been recorded in a rural town in either Louisiana or Texas.
This film was purchased at an estate sale by a previous owner. I'm not sure how many other people had this in their possession before it departed the family's estate. The titles written on the label is barely legible. But the last caption appears to read..."1964 - Trip to Shreveport.""

That brings us to the mystery here, which is actually two parts. First, where exactly are they? We can see from the cannister that they take a "trip to Shreveport", so we know part of the footage is Shreveport, but what about the video footage before that?

Second part of the mystery, who are these people? That's what the new owner of the video is looking for. If you think you know who is shown in this video, he's looking to find the family. You can hear what he has to say, and see the whole video here.

Do you recognize any of this? The location or the people? If you do, you can connect with the film's new owner here on YouTube.

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