So you're probably wondering why you didn't hear me on the air all last week.  I had a nice week-long vacation in Ft. Worth, Texas.  It began early Sunday with a trip to Six Flags Over Texas with the family...and my husband's parents and sister were able to go with us.  What a great time!  We rode tons of rides, caught a Wild West show and did some eating and shopping (let me just say now that, despite getting free admission was still VERY expensive!) My three-year-old daughter, Emma, even got up with me to sing some Six Flags karaoke! WOO!! 


If you ask Emma what her favorite ride was...she will say "The Boot Ride" every time!  There's a big cowboy hat in the middle, with large boots around it that bounce up and down.  She loved it so much, she rode it twice -- once with her daddy and once with me.  We also rode the carousel a couple of times...and she got her picture taken with several Looney Tunes characters -- Bugs Bunny, Sylvester the Cat, Tweety Bird and Foghorn Leghorn were all onhand that day.

What I loved about going on a Sunday (and, technically, pre-season) was the smaller crowd, which meant we got on the rides faster.  It was also mostly cloudy and not too warm all day, so we spent less time sweating and more time having fun.

emma karaoke2

The trip also included singing a little karaoke at the in-laws', which we ALL loved! We paid a visit to sis-in-law at her and her hubby's new place in Denton.  And my hubby and I got a little time to ourselves -- a sightseeing/shopping trip -- while his mom spent some quality time with her only grandbaby.  It was a very relaxing and fun-filled week.

The weekends before and after our Texas excursion were great, too.  Hubs and I got to meet last season American Idol finalist James Durbin (who was our pick that time around!) and see him perform at Horseshoe.  VERY COOL GUY!!  And I caught several AMAZING shows at Riverside Warehouse, as well.  Hope to have pics of all those posted soon. Here are a few more from our vacation:

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