Shreveport Mudbugs General Manager Scott Muscutt talks about the effect of Coronavirus on hockey in our city and gives an impassioned plea to state and national leaders to put people back to work.

Muscutt talks about how the Governor's current mandates limit the number of fans who could attend games this fall, and the GM is adamant in saying that unless the Mudbugs can have fans at games, the season, for financial reasons, is in jeopardy.

But then the former coach and player made an emotional call to let people go back to work. "Please know I am not saying that people who are at risk aren't important, that their lives aren't important. They are. Everybody's life is important. (But) poverty kills more than anything. We (need) to start opening up these businesses - and we (Mudbugs hockey) are just another business."

Muscutt then talks about his personal stake in the community. "I have put my life into this. Everything that I have ever owned is there. And if I can't open up and operate a business, I have nothing! It is gone! What you're doing to people like me is eliminating all of (our) choices to ever get in a day's worth of honest work and make an honest buck!"

"It not that I don't care about life. I just also care about the life of my family...that I can no longer support. And when I say that, I am 100% telling you that I can't support my family right now."


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