Metropolitan Planning Commission member Ronnie Remedies talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the resignation of MPC Executive Director Mark Sweeney and the commission's plans to move forward in finding a replacement.

Remedies tells KEEL listeners that Sweeney is departing because "of the feedback that we were getting from the people that used our office the most. We were just looking for some changes in the way we make our office user friendly and serve the public. There were so many complaints, just a variety of things that were very significant."

The Metropolitan Planning Commission recently voted 5-4 to terminate Sweeney's contract and, at the same time, voted to renegotiate the deal. Sweeney, in a statement yesterday, said he was leaving the MPC job to take and "accepted the executive director position with a regional planning agency in another state." Sweeney described the offer, in Oklahoma City, as "a once in a lifetime" offer.

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