What are the most romantic cities in the U.S. for Valentine's Day? The Better Vacation has created a list and only one city in Louisiana makes the list. In fact, you'll have to drive at least 5 hours to get to one of the cities on this list.

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1. New York

The Big Apple tops the list with Central Park named one of the great spots to go for a romantic stroll. New York is also cited for the many great restaurants you have to choose from.

2. Honolulu

This island paradise oasis checks in at #2 on the list. Not only can you find great beaches and sunsets, but you will also find amazing cuisine from all over the world.

3. Miami

Another beach destination checks in at #3 this year. Miami on the eastern coast of Florida is one of the hottest destinations in the country. You can enjoy a nice walk on the beach or enjoy a host of other beach activities. You will also find a plethora of fine dining restaurants in Miami to suit every palate.

4. San Francisco

This is truly a romantic city with so much to see. The rolling hills and the ocean views are spectacular. You can hop on a bay cruise at sunset and marvel at Mother Nature's finest.

5. Savannah, Georgia

This is the city for southern charm. Savannah is home of the oak lined streets with charming homes lining both sides. An afternoon stroll with your sweetie doesn't get much better than this. Also check out the many charming restaurants featuring southern specialties that will have you coming back.

6. New Orleans

We all know about New Orleans. I'm shocked that it's only #6 on the list. This city has so much charm and I would put the New Orleans cuisine options up against any city in the world. But for romance, you have so many choices. Hop on a street car and take the ride down St. Charles. Or stroll through the French Quarter. You might event take a romantic sunset walk along the bank of the Mississippi River.

7. Seattle

I've never been to Seattle, but those who have say it is truly a beautiful city. I can't get past the weather. Too much rain for me. But the city does boast a long list of cultural events and is home to some great art museums. You will also find lots of great restaurants with some of the most exotic foods.

8. Las Vegas

I would consider Vegas a sexy city. Romantic might be a bit of a stretch. But there is no doubt, fine dining is everywhere in Las Vegas. You will also find plenty of top notch hotels and nightclubs. One great romantic spot in Vegas is the Fountain at the Bellagio.

9. Memphis, Tennessee

This great city is just 5 hours away from Shreveport Bossier and it's worth the drive. You can hop on a carriage tour and ride along the bank of the Mississippi river. Of course, Memphis also boasts great food. BBQ is the absolute best in Memphis.

10. Portland, Maine

Portland is a city full of culture and history. You can stroll along the port and watch as the fishermen come and go. You will also have a variety of find dining possibilities with a magnificent choice of fresh seafood options.

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