SHREVEPORT, LA - Since the pandemic, more and more folks have been binge watching TV shows or movies. And yes the experts study what we watch. In fact, Zippia has checked out the numbers to find the favorite TV show in each state. The winning show in Louisiana might surprise you.

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This study shows we are no longer willing to wait until next week for the next episode. We want to watch our shows now and we want to watch one episode right after another to get caught up quickly.

The Zippia study says "Friends" is the most common favorite TV show in the U.S. It's is number 1 in 12 states. It's also catching on with another generation who have found the show and are now binge watching this hot show. "The Umbrella Academy" is the second most popular show in the U.S.

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That's just not how we watched TV when I was a youngster. After supper each night, we would sit down as a family around a large box 19" tv and watch the latest episodes of our favorite shows. That has certainly changed completely. Everyone now has their own tv and we each watch what we want when we want it.

What's the Favorite Show in Louisiana?

This did surprise me because I have not really gotten into this show, yet. I have watched a few episodes and I like it. But not enough to really sit down and binge watch it.

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"American Horror Story" is the winner in Louisiana. We are the only state where that show is tops. I think it's probably our favorite because much of it was filmed in New Orleans.

The south must have a thing for shows like this, because Vampire Diaries is tops in Alabama. Supernatural is #1 in Arkansas and South Carolina. Georgia loves "Stranger Things". Mississippi is kind of an anomaly on this chart and picks "Grey's Anatomy". Texas viewers love "Friends".

Courtesy of Zippia
Courtesy of Zippia

What Are Some of the Other Winning Shows?

New Mexico puts "Better Call Saul" at the top of their list for favorite show. That might be because the show is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
"Ozark" is the winner in Missouri which is no surprise because this show is based on the move of the family from Chicago to Missouri.

The most popular show in New Jersey is not a surprise at all. It's "The Sopranos."

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