Most Desirable College by State

According to a new study, Tulane University in New Orleans is the most desirable college in Louisiana.

According to Ecollegefinder, Tulane University receives over 30,000 applications a year. The acceptance rate is 26 percent, and total number of undergraduates is 8,357.

Overall, UCLA ranks as the most sought after school in the United States, receiving over 72,000 applications per year. Rounding out the top three is New York University and Pennsylvania State University.

The most desirable college in Texas is the University of Texas, while the University of Arkansas topped that state's list. And Alabama's most desirable college is the University of Alabama.

The interactive map allows users to compare schools across the U.S. The universities in each state are judged by which college received the most undergraduate applications during the Fall of 2013.

Here are the top five most and least applied for colleges in the US:

Top 5 Most Applications

University of California – Los Angeles – 72,676
New York University – 57,552
Pennsylvania State University – 47,552
Northeastern University – 47,364
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – 46,813

Top 5 Fewest Applications

University of Alaska – Anchorage – 3,062
University of Wyoming – 4,181
South Dakota State University – 4,851
North Dakota State University – 5,812
University of Hawaii at Manoa – 6,901

[Source: ecollegefinder]