Dustin Murphy, candidate for United States Senate, explains why he's challenging incumbent Dr. Bill Cassidy for the senior Senator seat.

The West Ouchita High School grad says that emphasizes immediately that he opposes the recent virus-related quarantines, shut downs and mask mandates. "When the government gets involved with a private entity, that, in my opinion, is where you draw the line."

Murphy explains further on his senate race website: "I currently see our medical freedoms are in danger. Elected officials are actively calling for mandated vaccinations, creating registries for the immune or vaccinated, and forced, ongoing testing for our children before they are allowed to reenter public schools. Elected officials are currently using fear and misinformation to subvert the power that we, the people, have bestowed upon them."

And Murphy explains why the run - admittedly an uphill fight - against a powerful incumbent. "We believe we've been called into this...that this election is more than just politics. There is a battle for our country, not only for our country and our freedom, but a spiritual war that is taking place."

He also emphasizes that he feels that America is being divided from within, saying he stands for, "a nation no longer divided by the color of our skin and level of prosperity. I believe the only way this can be achieved is stop placing everyone into brackets and micro-groups. We must judge one another on the basis of character and not genetic traits."


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