Wednesday (10/20/21) night at 11:49pm Minden Police received a report of suspicious activity at the Minden Motel on Shreveport Road. It was reported that a black Camaro was driving in-and-out of the motel multiple times. A patrol officer witnessed the activity. A black male pulled in to the motel, went in to a room, and left shortly after.

The patrol officer noted the Camaro was travelling at 45 miles per hour in a 25 zone. When the officer attempted to stop the suspicious vehicle, the driver refused. A chase ensued, and the driver bailed out of the vehicle on Pine Street. The suspect took off on foot and ran through the woods. The suspect was later found face-down outside of an apartment complex clutching his chest and not breathing. The suspect was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After searching the suspect's vehicle, officers found methamphetamine and a scale. A search warrant was granted for the room at Minden Motel, and Minden Police executed the warrant at 2:27am Thursday (10/21/21) morning.

A black male and white female were found naked in the room. Large quantities or crack, meth, synthetic marijuana, natural marijuana, suspected ecstasy, codeine pills, diazepam, scales and paraphernalia were seized.
The black male was arrested for possession with intent to distribute.
The white female was arrested for possession and prostitution.
The deceased black male’s body will be sent for an autopsy.

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