Minden resident Cole Tucker was in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. He talks about his part in the protest and what he saw as some in the crowd turned violent.

"I went out to support the President," Tucker says, explaining the reason for his DC visit. "He asked us to come and that's why I decided to go."

And what about his own actions at the event? "Oh, no. Absolutely not," he says, responding to whether his behavior crossed the line, "And I saw no one cross the line. I was there from 8 in the morning until 4pm, had hundreds of thousands of people around me and the few times I saw people approaching doing something over the line, there were Trump supporters there to get them to act respectfully and obey the law."

Tucker then says he didn't hear about the trouble until later in the day, explaining that cell service was limited at best. "We were unaware most of the day. At one point, when we got to the backside of the Capitol building...around 4 o'clock that mu phone started working and I saw it in the news. But I was unaware. I think most of the people were completely unaware that any of that was going on."

And what about the President's speech, which many have criticized as incendiary? "I didn't," Tucker says, "Actually, I was kind of disappointed, underwhelmed. I didn't hear anything that I thought (was like that).

"I love him, so maybe I have rose-colored glasses, but I didn't think so"


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