We have asked several questions about the proposed $186 million dollar bond issue that will be on the ballot in November.

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The Mayor's Communications Director, Ben Riggs answers most of our questions. Will these answers satisfy voters enough to convince them to vote yes on these 3 propositions.

One of my big issues is the fund balance in the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund. It's projected to be close to $44 million by the end of this year. We want to know why this money can not be used for some of the $32 million in water and sewer bond issue projects.

Some questions have been raised about the city's debt. Riggs addresses those concerns.

The election is November 16th. It will include 3 propositions:

$32 million for water and sewerage,
$76 million for the Fire and Police Departments and SPAR
$77.8 million for streets and drainage.


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