The 2019 Bond Proposal is still a hot-button issue with many people. Most of all with Erin McCarty. While Erin was threatening to get a t-shirt printed saying, "THE BOND ISSUE SUCKS. Change My Mind" Scott Wolverton called in to try and do just that.

A big part of the Bond Proposal is providing money to upgrade and renovate Fire Stations, 11, 14, and 15. The Chief says the stations are in dire need of repair. Pictures can be found on the Shreveport Fire Department Facebook page of the run-down conditions. Wolverton also brought up that the Fire Department's cut of the Bond is lined out at the City of Shreveport's Website.

People are still feeling burned after the 2011 Bond Issue, and don't seem to have much trust that the local government will do what it's suppose to with the money. But, a quote from the Bond Proposal section of Shreveport's website says:

"The 2011 bond included 96 projects and 83 are currently completed. We expect the number of completed 2011 projects to rise to 90 by the end of the year."

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