Mayor Adrian Perkins has called on Shreveport business leaders to urge their employees to get the vaccination. Last week, Mayor Perkins asked all city employees to get their COVID-19 vaccinations and now he is asking business leaders to join him in this effort.

Letters were sent by Mayor Perkins to the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and Shreveport-Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce for distribution to members of both organizations. In the letter he wrote:

“This was not my first-time encouraging employees to get the vaccination, and I’m sure many of you have done the same with your employees. However, this time is different because we are armed with the results of hesitation. We will continue to lose an unaffordable amount of lives and commerce if we don’t get vaccinated and ask those around us to do the same.” Mayor Perkins then acknowledged that businesses have had to make tough decisions during the pandemic. “Asking your employees to get a shot may not be easy for many of you. But it is critical. Your employees, like mine, have likely been hesitant, and I understand the social, cultural, and even political pressure that have kept them away from the shot.”

The vaccine has been widely available for four months and Mayor Perkins encourages individuals to do their research prior to making the decision on which vaccine to take. “We have the tools needed to protect what we love. In running enterprises, we know that economic devastation also damages lives. Let us do what we can to save life,” wrote Mayor Perkins. “Please step into this moment, fight for your business, employees, family, and the city you call home by encouraging your employees to get vaccinated as soon as possible.” The latest data from the Louisiana Department of Health, shows the vaccination rate in Region 7 remains at 30.88%.

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