It's a question we've debated on the KEEL morning show for more than a little while. Is it worthwhile to ask local elected officials about national issues and do those responses give insights as to how they'll govern?

I've long been of the opinion that getting the opinion of elected leaders, municipal, state, etc., on those topics is worthwhile. Hence, when we had the opportunity to ask Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins about the Joe Biden open-borders policy, we couldn't pass it up.

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Perkins was part of numerous seminars, including immigration and its effect of American cities, while attending the United States Conference of Mayors in Washington DC.

And what are the Shreveport Mayor's thoughts on 200,000 illegal immigrants crossing the southern border into the United States every month?

"I don't know if it's 100% codified - the President's border policies," says the Mayor, "That's not one of my priorities because we're not a border city, but I will say this, it's affecting our economy big time.

"We're talking about labor. Whether we want to accept it or not, a lot of people who cross the border,...they work in our fields, they make sure our vegetables, our fruits are in the supermarkets. Right now, we know labor is hurting across the board, so right now we're seeing it in our economy in some of the labor gaps we're seeing.

"I hope we get a sound policy that we can agree on. I hope its bipartisan. But we really can't continue to take this hit to our economy and it's affecting us right at home as well."

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