Several local residents showed up to voice opposition to a proposed mask mandate for Caddo Parish. But once the dust settled, the Commission voted to postpone the measure.

There was an attempt to pass a resolution to encourage residents to wear masks, but that did not pass.  Ultimately, the panel voted 7-3 to delay a vote on this measure until the next meeting. Some members say the ordinance needs to be revised a bit before a final vote. Some members want to do away with the financial penalties that are now included in the ordinance. A first offense calls for a fine of $250 dollars. Subsequent offenses would be $500 dollars.

Commission President Lyndon Johnson will now send this measure to a committee for revisions before it comes back up at the first meeting in August.

If the Commission passes a mask mandate, it would only go into effect in unincorporated parts of the parish. It will not include the city of Shreveport or other cities or incorporated towns in the parish.

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