Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser talks about his Keep Louisiana Beautiful campaign and has harsh words for the current condition of the state.

The Plan to Clean Up Louisiana

Nungesser, talking about putting more focus on his Keep Louisiana Beautiful initiative, says, "Two years ago, we were able to get started, to get legislation passed," Nungesser says, explaining how, at his urging, Governor John Bel Edwards is appointing a task force, "All the department heads, mayors, parish presidents, sheriff's associations, state police...he wants a report by July.

'We're a Dirty State'

And Nungesser says, some state clean-up projects are already underway. "We're going to do this," he says, "Failure is not an option. We're a dirty state. We're going to look at the law enforcement aspect, putting prisoners back picking up garbage and we're going to engage this from every angle."

Nungesser: 'Failure is Not an Option'

Nungesser, despite the harsh words for the current condition of the state, is optimistic about the success of the task force and implementation of its recommendations. The Lieutenant Governor emphasizes that it will take a combined effort of his and other state departments, local governments and service organizations to clean up Louisiana.

"We're going to have to do it a little bit at a time," he says, "And I think if you can (start to get) the state cleaned up, people will be less likely to litter. It effects our tourism. It effects our quality of life, but it also effects business. So, we need to clean up our state."

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