It seems that football's Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, are becoming more famous - and gaining critical praise - for their funny and insightful Monday Night Football commentary on ESPN2.

But younger brother Eli is also coming into his own with his own ESPN series, "Eli's Places". And in a recent episode, the former Giants QB took a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and LSU's opulent dressing room with brother Peyton and, of course, Tigers' Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

Seriously. This was hilarious.

In the segment, the brothers Manning get Coach O to reenact his one-of-a-kind recruiting pitch, wrapping up with the Orgeron's shirt-ripping intensity.

"I get pretty fired up," Orgeron says to Eli.

The younger Manning asks, "How bad do you want me to come to LSU?"

And then the fabric begins to fly.

But then Peyton gets into the act, asking Coach O if he has his shirts "pre-cut, like wrestler Hulk Hogan, or is that a real shirt like the Incredible Hulk?"

And Orgeron's comeback is a classic. "It's all natural, baby," O says of his strength, "This ain't Tennessee."

Eli then feigns - and fails - in an attempt to rip his own shirt and the brothers forlornly trudge offscreen, presumably to the nearest weight room.

The new "Eli's Places," seen on ESPN+, is described as "the two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning taking on his own version of his brother's signature show to explore what makes college football a way of life across the country."

For more information on the show and the Manning brothers Monday Night Football "alternate broadcast," JUST CLICK HERE!

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