Louisiana State University has launched a fund raising campaign, "Fierce for the Future," a six-year plan to raise a billion and a half dollars in what is the largest ever education related money raising effort in state history.

The fund raising campaign would involve eight institutions under the state university's banner: the LSU Foundation, LSU Alumni Association, Tiger Athletic Foundation, Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation in Baton Rouge, the LSUA Foundation in Alexandria, the LSUE Foundation in Eunice, LSU Health Foundation New Orleans in New Orleans and the LSU Health Sciences Foundation and LSUS Foundation in Shreveport.

More details from businessreport.com:

"Campaign fundraising will advance six pillars: arts and culture; coast, energy and environment; research and economic development; health and wellbeing; education; and leadership. The pillars align with the strategic challenges identified in the LSU Strategic Plan 2025 introduced in the fall of 2017.

About 60% of campaign gifts will go toward academics, with the remaining 40% supporting athletics. Specific campaign goals include:

  • $724 million for academics on flagship campus
  • $27 million for alumni engagement on flagship campus
  • $603 million for athletics on flagship campus
  • $146 million for LSU’s health and biomedical campuses, including LSU Health New Orleans, LSU Health Shreveport and LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • $29 million for LSU of Alexandria, LSU Eunice and LSU Shreveport

Altogether, the flagship campus will receive 90% of campaign gifts. Among capital projects include a new science building for the Baton Rouge campus and a new medical facility for the LSU Health Shreveport campus."

To see details more about the "Fierce for the Future" fund raising campaign from the LSU site, JUST CLICK HERE!

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