As the LSU Tigers prepare for the season under new coach Brian Kelly, many are asking where the team looks good and where do we need improvement.

Coach Kelly has told reporters at SEC Media Days the offensive line needs to step it up between now and the first game of the season. The Tigers are trying to replace four starters, but Kelly says two players from the transfer portal, Tre’Mond Shorts and Miles Frazier bring depth and experience to the position. Kelly says "the offensive line is a place we need to keep an eye on but we've got some young men that have developed."

Did LSU Have a Successful Recruiting Season?

How did LSU do in recruiting. Many fans worry that the school has not drawn as much name, image and likeness (NIL) money as other schools and that has impacted the recruiting effort. But Kelly believes the Tigers are just as competitive as any other school.

I don't feel like we are being outbid by anybody. I don't think that's the place of NIL anyway. But if we are being outbid, then we're going to be outbid if we have $50 million dollars in our collective. I don't feel hamstrung."

Kelly says he likes the depth he has at the quarterback position and the battle for starting Q-B will really get going when the team reports for preseason camp in early August. The first year coach talked about what he’s looking for in a starting signal caller:

"They gotta take care of the football and they've gotta get the ball to playmakers. I've got playmakers on offense that are already in place. And they've gotta make plays. The ultimate decision making on who the quarterback is, he'll have to hit those three notes."

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