The LSU Tigers open the season in Baton Rouge on Saturday, August 31st against Georgia Southern. That should be a pretty easy win for the Bayou Bengals. Week 2 is a big challenge on the road in Austin to take on Texas.
I've looked over the LSU schedule and I think the Tigers will go 10-2 this year.

Which games will the Tigers lose? That's where I'm not really clear. I believe we will lose to Alabama on the road in Tuscaloosa. But the other loss is not so easy to predict. It will likely be an SEC opponent. I think we will lose to Florida or Auburn. But I am hoping we can beat them both.

LSU Schedule

The Tigers shouldn't have any trouble with NSU, Vanderbilt, Utah State, Mississippi State or Ole Miss, but we could get a pretty good game out of Texas A&M, Arkansas and Texas.
But let's take a look at all the cream-puff teams on the Alabama schedule: Duke, New Mexico, Southern Miss, and Western Carolina. Looks like ol Nick Saban is really piling on the tough games for his guys.

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