The LSU Football program doesn't have to give the ticket sales money back, but they don't get to count these wins anymore. Which is actually a huge blow to a former coach.

The NCAA has ruled that former LSU Tiger Vadal Alexander was ineligible while he played football for the program. His status was determined after an investigation into improper benefits that dates back over a decade. The NCAA say that Alexander's family was given over $180,000 by an LSU booster, which at the time was a violation. In today's college football landscape, this would probably fall under a Name, Image, Likeness (or NIL) deal, and would be totally legal.

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But in 2012, this was against NCAA rules, which means Alexander wasn't eligible to play when he helped LSU to 37 wins. Those wins are now all taken off the record. Not replaced with losses, but just no longer considered wins in the record books.

The whole scenario doesn't change a lot for the LSU football program. Those games are done, tickets sold, players drafted, and coaches moved on. But for one of those coaches, this is actually a big problem. That coach was actually the Head Coach, Les Miles.

Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With these 37 wins to his credit, Les Miles had a career head coaching record of 145-73, which is a winning percentage of .665, good enough for the College Football Hall of Fame. However, taking those 37 wins off the record puts him at 108-73, a winning percentage of just .597, which is still pretty good. But the College Football Hall of Fame has a rule for coaches, and their winning percentage. To be inducted, you have to have over a .600 winning percentage, and now Les Miles falls percentage points short.

So while this doesn't impact LSU's program that much, this seriously impacts Les Miles more.

The 37 Wins LSU Football Had To Vacate

Due to a player that was ruled ineligible years after the games were played, the LSU Football program had to vacate 37 wins. Here are the games that they have now retroactively dropped wins from.

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