US Senator Bill Cassidy talks about the CDC decision not to research natural immunity in COVID patients and voices his opposition to the Biden vaccine mandate.

Cassidy: What isn't the CDC studying natural immunity?

In a recent Senate committee hearing, Cassidy made the following statement to CDC Director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky. ""If we don't know that natural immunity confers protection against future infections, it's because we decided not to look."

"I'm so frustrated," says Cassidy, bewildered by the CDC's lack of study into the natural immunity of COVID recovered patients. "They have the ability to know (that) immunity most likely lasts (a certain length of time). They're making a decision not to know."

"I'm a big believer in vaccines," Cassidy goes on, emphasizing the Dr. Anthony Fauci has previously said that previously infected patients do have natural immunity. "We really don't know how long it lasts. We could know, within a ballpark for specific ages, just like we do with the vaccine, and (the CDC) has chosen not to know."


And what's his stance on the Biden vaxx mandate?

And on the subject of vaccine mandates. what is the Senator's opinion? "The federal government should not be telling private employers that they have to do a vaccine mandate. If you're the VA hospital and you decide to do so, well, hospitals do that all the time. But they should not go to businesses, say you have 100 employees or more, and you have to be vaccinated."

And what about the current court fight over the President's vaxx mandate? "They're losing it in the 5th Circuit right now," he says, "Which considers it an incredible overreach. I just don't think the federal government should be telling an employer how they should run their business in that regard."

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