Happy 3 year anniversary of "Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve" here in Louisiana.

This past weekend, we reached the three year mark of Governor John Bel Edwards issuing his initial COVID-19 emergency declaration. That declaration would remain in place, renewed over and over, for over two years. We wouldn't see it come to an end until late-March in 2022.

So what have we learned? Honestly, a lot. We learned a lot about each other, a lot about the absolute power relatively unknown bureaucrats can grab in the right moment, and how much the people we trust don't actually know. Just look at all of the things that the "experts" were absolutely certain about 30 months ago, that the average person knows to be untrue now.

Look at what we witnessed with large and powerful companies, and the speed they will buckle to particular politicians. We also found out that as bad as we think the pharmaceutical industry is, its actually far...FAR...worse.

Perhaps the biggest thing that people will take away from this experience is that just because a loud voice tells you something is a "conspiracy theory", it doesn't mean its wrong. It might just mean they want you to feel crazy for questioning it.

Because a lot of the "conspiracy theories" from the last two years are no longer conspiracies. Something you could have been labeled a "racist" for, and banned from social media, is now the opinion of multiple Federal Government bodies. That includes the FBI.

Let's take a look at some of the other questionable theories and decisions from the last few years:

Louisiana's 3 Year COVID Anniversary: What They Got Wrong

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