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If the past couple of years has taught us anything, it's that there are a handful of key jobs that we absolutely need filled by qualified individuals when the stuff really hit the fan.  Maybe you remember them being called "Essential Workers,"  but I think of them as the folks who kept this big blue marble spinning while we were all hunkered down trying to avoid the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.

Team of medical professionals

One of the most important groups of these essential workers are our healthcare workers - especially nurses.  If you have paid attention to the help wanted ads lately, you have probably noticed that every single health care system in our area desperately needs more nurses - marking their essential status even after the pandemic fears are fading.

Nurse writing on patient's chart.
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The good news is that the #1 choice of college major for incoming students for 2022-2023 is nursing!  According to a report from WGNO, this (much needed) new crop of nursing students are training in the right state!  There are currently an estimated 66,000+ licensed nurses already working in the state, and as I mentioned above - they need lots of help.

Nurse Working At Nurses Station Smiling To Camera

According to the data from Indeed, the average starting salary for nurses in Louisiana ranges from 40K to 90K a year!  On top of the benefits, we're talking about an hourly rate of $39.81, with an average of $11,594 per year in overtime alone!

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