The TV show 'Snapped' on the Oxygen network is one of those shows I get wrapped up in and can't stop watching if I'm in the mood for true crime.

It just hit me this weekend that several Louisiana women have been profiled on the reality crime show. I started doing a little research and noticed dozens of cases from Florida, Texas and California. Georgia and New York also have lots of women who have been featured on 'Snapped'.

Two of these cases are from the Shreveport Bossier area. One is from the Natchitoches area. The others are from south Louisiana.

What Has Happened with These Women?

In most of these cases, the women are still in jail. But a few of them have served their time and are out. A couple of the women have died. One actually escaped from St. Gabriel and fled to Mexico, but she was caught after she came back to the United States and tried to start a new life in California.

In most of these cases, these women "snapped" and killed a man they were involved with. Often the murders were committed for money. Several of the women were hoping to cash in on life insurance policies. In one case, the woman killed her parents to get her hands on money to pay off her gambling debt. In some of the cases, the women claimed they were victims of domestic abuse.

Louisiana Women Who Have Been Featured on 'Snapped'

Season 30 of the Oxygen network show 'Snapped' has started and in looking back over the years, several Louisiana women have been featured on this real crime show.

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