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Let me begin by stating the simple fact that I am a man. Was even born that way. And not only am I a man, I'm a redneck man.

Knowing that, one could rightfully assume that my intellect is somewhat challenged. Scratch that. Let me restate. There is no "assumption." One could rightfully expect, that my intellect is somewhat challenged.

I wanted to clear that up before you audibly asked the question, "What does a guy know about the jealousies that a woman might have?"

It all started with a simple trivia question on the radio. Here's the question.  Almost half of all women have envied a friend because of the size of this thing that the friend owned. What?

While the answer was "Her Television", the incredible assortment of answers I got, left me with the only obvious conclusion. Louisiana women are jealous of just about everything their friends have.

The Number One Answer

Believe it or not, the answer I got most often was "her engagement ring." So, guys need to know that when they buy that ring, remember it's not just a sign of your love for that girl, it's going to be judged by her friends, so go big or go home.

What Were the Other Things Women Were Jealous Of?

You just can't believe what these women can envy of their friends. The biggest answers I got ranged all the way from personal possessions to her physical attributes.

  • Her engagement ring
  • Her house
  • Her closet
  • Her kitchen
  • Her garage
  • Her boobs
  • Her butt
  • Her hair
  • Her fingernails
  • Her family
  • Her car
  • Her husband
  • Her cell phone
  • Her purse collection
  • Her jewelry box

Now remember, the answer was television and half of all women admitted they've been jealous of the size of tv their friend had. Couple that with all these other answers and you can see how this uneducated, redneck man made the quantum leap to my assessment. Apparently, Louisiana women are jealous of everything their friends have.

Sure explains a lot of questions we guys have had for years.


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