An "election integrity commission" put together by President Donald Trump has requested extensive voter information from all 50 states, a move that has been panned by a bi-partisan response from Secretaries of State all over the country.

Yesterday, Louisiana declined compliance with the Trump Administration's request.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler will not turn over voter identification information as requested by President Donald Trump’s voting commission. Schedler says voter information like Social Security numbers, birth dates and mother’s maiden name should remain private.

Schedler, a Republican, calls the request by Trump’s commission an overreach and politically motivated. He added that state law allows anyone to purchase limited voter information, which would include names, party registrations, voter histories, but not how a person votes.

In addition to Louisiana, states like California, Kentucky, and Mississippi will not comply.

Mississippi's Secretary of State, Republican Delbert Hosemann, may have the quote of the whole controversy, as he told the Trump Administration in a statement:

Multiple others states have said they're either reviewing the request, or have said they will only send back what is already publicly available.

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