A Louisiana State Trooper has been arrested on a charge of DWI.
State Police Troop D got word from police in Atlanta, Georgia about the arrest of the off duty trooper.
Louisiana-State-Police-Patch, Facebook
Louisiana-State-Police-Patch, Facebook
Shortly before 2am Thursday morning 34-year-old Aubin Young of Lake Charles was arrested for DWI and other traffic charges following a traffic stop. Young is currently assigned Troop D in the Lake Charles area.
He is now on administrative leave pending the results of this investigation. Young has been employed with LSP since 2017.

What Does the Atlanta Report Claim?

According to reports from the Atlanta Police Department, the incident happened when an officer observed Young traveling in the wrong direction on a city street. Upon conducting a traffic stop and coming into contact with Young, the officer suspected impairment and completed a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Young was placed under arrest for DWI and later transported to the City of Atlanta Jail.

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