Ask yourself...what could be worse than having your significant other dump you on Valentine's Day? Well, this.

Love Hurts, But It Shouldn't Kill, Right?

Police in Baton Rouge have arrested a 14-year-old girl after they learned that she used a website in an attempt to hire a professional killer to murder her ex-boyfriend. BRPD says the high schooler searched the site And in an even odder twist, it appears that it was website administrators who notified capitol city cops about her intentions.

Make sense? No? Here's what happened.

Wait. So There's a Website Where...?

When you visit the website,, you’re greeted with offerings of ready-to-work killers willing to carry out your darkest desires of revenge.  Except for one thing. It's a setup.  In a story from Baton Rouge's Fox 8, the site exists primarily to catch those with murderous intent. In fact, BRPD's L'jean Mckneely told Fox 8, "“The website has been in existence for 17 years and they have been beneficial to law enforcement in sharing information.

“We conducted an investigation on it and through the course of our investigation, we learned that information was indeed placed on the website. We made contact with the 14-year-old girl and then arrested her for soliciting to kill the ex-boyfriend," Mckneely said.

Blinded By Love...or Just Plain Stupid?

Baton Rouge Police say even though the teenage girl is Louisiana's first to try to hire a hitman on the site, numerous others from other states have been arrested and convicted for falling for Rentahitman's fake offers.

In the Fox 8 story, Mckneely gives kudos to the site. "(Rentahitman) takes it serious and the information they’ve gotten they shared with law enforcement. And they have been beneficial in stopping things from occurring."

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