SHREVEPORT, LA - Two Louisiana teachers jump in to save the day when a fire broke out in the teacher's lounge of their school.

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The teachers from Baskin are being recognized by Louisiana State Fire Marshal Chief Bryan J. Adams. He says because of their awareness and knowledge of fire safety, the teachers were able to put out the blaze.


Adams says “Teachers already stand out as our heroes in so many ways, but to see them show how they prioritize safety for their beloved students by being fire aware and prepared is encouraging and should be commended.”

Baskin is in Franklin Parish just southeast of Monroe.

What Did These Teachers Do to Put Out Fire?

Baskin Elementary school teachers Claire Wallace and Lynzi Parker found an A/C unit on fire in the teacher’s lounge last month. The blaze did spread to the curtains and the ceiling, but these ladies jumped in to keep the damage to a minimum. One ran and pulled the school's fire alarm while the other grabbed the fire extinguisher and rushed back into the room as the smoke is billowing up. These ladies managed to put the fire out before it spread very far.

Adams says

The quick actions of these teachers saved lives, period. I’d like to encourage every person who works in an educational facility to be trained in using fire extinguishers and to be familiar with where to find them around the buildings that they work in.

Here's How to Work a Fire Extinguisher:

The SFM would like to share that the most common method for using a fire extinguisher is the PASS method:

P- Pull the Pin

A- Aim the Hose at the base of the fire

S- Squeeze the Handle

S- Sweep the Spray side to side to cover the fire

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