Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is urging lawmakers to pass a teacher pay raise once they get together this spring. Edwards is calling for a $1500 dollar a year pay boost for all teachers. He says this is one way to try to keep teachers in the classroom.

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The pay increase for teachers will be funded by the state's general fund. Edwards says "after inheriting the largest budget deficit in Louisiana history, my administration worked with the legislature to stabilize Louisiana's revenues and grow our economy. In previous budget years, we've worked to make small, incremental investments in critical priorities. Today, I'm announcing our most significant new investments yet, focusing on education at all levels, including at least a $1500 pay raise for teachers."

Louisiana has been facing a critical teacher shortage and some districts, including Caddo have asked parents to step up and serve as subs while many teachers are dealing with Covid quarantine protocols.

Another big problem is that fewer and fewer young people are enrolling in higher education programs to train to become teachers. They are opting for other degree programs because of the challenges facing educators across the state.

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