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Senator Bill Cassidy recently told KEEL News he thinks leading Republican presidential candidate, former President Donald Trump, should drop out of the presidential race.

In the classified documents case, President Trump is heard on a tape showing classified documents to rep… to biographers of Mark Meadows saying, “I shouldn’t have these, they’re not classified… but here they are.” And you hear him flipping through them.  So, it’s his own voice, confessing what he’s done… showing the documents to people who you know are going to be called as witnesses.  Cassidy continued:  Don’t shoot the messenger… don’t shoot the messenger… that’s the reality.  Now I’m told, in a court, the most powerful evidence against someone is their own testimony.


In a CBS News poll released Monday, Trump leads the Republican candidates by a wide margin.  Trump's latest numbers show him at 62% with his nearest competitor, Florida governor Ron Desantis coming in 2nd, at 16%. Of the other 'major' candidates, here's how the rest of the field lines up:

  • Vivek Ramaswamy- 7%
  • Mike Pence- 5%
  • Tim Scott- 3%
  • Nikki Haley- 2%
  • Chris Christie- 2%
  • Doug Burgum- 1%
  • Asa Hutchinson- 1%

Cassidy's contention is that Trump may be leading the Republican field, but he can't beat Biden.

There's a Fox poll that just came out that shows that President Trump loses to President Biden.  Now, I think we need to beat Biden, period... end of story.  But, if because of these legal issues, our candidate cannot win... and, if we think that beating President Biden is the most important thing for our country, then... it kind of leads to the next statement.  If President Trump wants to beat President Biden, but he's being dragged down... then he can support our country, he can fulfill that mission of beating Biden by doing the noble thing.

When asked who he would support as the Republican nominee, Cassidy replied:

Anybody on that debate stage in Milwaukee is gonna be better than President Biden.... period... end of story.

Well... THAT'S an understatement... though he didn't answer the question.

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