With the news from Afghanistan growing worse by the day, more and more Americans are throwing up their hands in frustration and asking, "What could possibly be next?"

Well, what if it came to light that millions and millions of US dollars could end up in the hands of the Taliban?

Louisiana's John Kennedy, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, is demanding that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to stop the International Monetary Fund from flowing cash to those Afghani terrorists.

According to Kennedy, the Biden administration has been backing a $650 billion IMF allocation. More than $400 million of that would go to to Afghanistan, which is now ruled by the Taliban. The IMF allocation is set for August 23.

Here is a portion of Kennedy's letter to Secretary Yellen:

“During our meeting last May, I urged you to halt your pursuit of approving Special Drawing Rights under the guise that an allocation would provide foreign aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. As I noted...millions would go to our adversaries, state sponsors of terrorists, and countries that have perpetrated genocide. It is my understanding that Afghanistan, under the approved allocation, is expected to receive $450 million...a portion of which is scheduled to arrive in Afghanistan by next week."

“As the Taliban has seized power in Afghanistan...it is clear these SDRs will fall into their hands. With this in mind, I urge you to block the nearly half a billion dollars that is headed to Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule."

The Senator says that nations harboring or sponsoring terrorists would also receive aid from the Biden approved IMF cash. In addition to Afghanistan's $400 million, Iran would receive $3.5 billion, and Syria would receive $900 million.

Kennedy also insists that the Biden Administration must not allow the Taliban to gain legitimacy in economic or diplomatic dealings with the United States or other nations, especially China and Russia.

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