Health care seems to be a hot button of debate these days, but Louisiana could use some help.

There are resounding voices on both sides of health care issues and sometimes it's enough to make your head spin. However if you strip the politics off of it, you're left with two basic factors; cost and service quality. This can vary from state to state, but on average Americans spend nearly $10,000 on health care every single year.

At least according to WalletHub's data.

They took a look at each state to determine which states are the best and worst for healthcare. Of course they looked at cost and service quality, but they also examined accessibility and outcome.

Louisiana is struggling.

We landed on the bottom of the list of 51 states. The key areas that hurt us the most were the number of dentists per capita where we have the second to least amount (Tennessee ranked last). In addition, we also have some of the highest cancer and heart disease rates.

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