America’s Anchorman curiously observes why “…Donna Brazile…a Democrat campaign specialist (and)…one of the ranking unelected Democrats in the country…actually tweeted: ‘I just got off the phone with my health care provider asking…why my premium jumped up. No good answer.’”

Donna Brazile Twitter

Commander in Chief of the Ditto Head Nation is incredulous as he notes:

 “…a couple of things stand out. … is it possible she’s not aware of Obamacare? No. Why…call…her “healthcare provider…the doctor…maybe she means the insurance company. I’m sure she does; but stop and think of that!”

Further gathering his thoughts on the matter, the Commander in Chief of the Ditto Head Nation notes there has to be some explanation… (perhaps) this is a tweet…designed to stir people up like me. (I've)…thought…that all along (Democrats) know they are lying through their teeth to us when they tell us costs are going to go down.”

However, as he is wont in his never ending desire to provide for everyone some direction regarding similar issues facing the nation, the All Compassionate, All Knowing Ma Ha Rushie offers a suggestion concerning a path for Ms. Brazile to tread in order to get something other than the “no good answer” she presently has.

“…what you ought to do is call the White House and ask to speak to the president and ask him why your premium went up, 'cause he's the reason.”

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