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Rush Limbaugh spoke with a listener who is concerned that if the IRS can point out which political party you are with; what is going to stop an Obama supporter working at the healthcare office from doing the same thing?

"All it's going to take is one true Obama believer at the health exchange office. You walk in, and you're applying for coverage or whatever . . . If this person decides to demand your voting history, to see your voter registration -- Republican or Democrat, how you voted -- and then to determine whether or not you get moved up and down in the line," said Rush.
The reality of this is all too possible. "That information will be at their fingerprints," the caller suggests. This could very well be the case; that one day, you could try to get approved for healthcare or some type of treatment but, because of who is behind the desk, you could be pushed down the list.

When the caller mentions a repeal, Rush responds saying "I agree. I full-fledged, wholeheartedly, 100% agree with that."

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