Say it out loud, 100% acceptance rate. That is rare. However, at T.M. Landry a 100% acceptance rate is the norm.

Odds are you have never heard of T.M. Landry. Yet, the odds are high that you have seen one of their viral videos of a student being accepted into college.

T.M. Landry is a school that does not play by the rules, instead they create them. It is a school that does not follow traditional educational methods, perhaps that is why their results are nontraditional. T.M. Landry is located in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. It is college preparatory school founded by couple, Micheal and Tracey Landry. You would think that a couple who founded a school would have a background in education as a teacher or administrator. That is not the case with the Landrys, their occupational backgrounds include sales and nursing.

Why did they turn to education?

For them the change began at home. The Landrys were not pleased with the education their son was receiving, so Michael Landry decided to homeschool his son. Other parents took note of how well the Landry's son was advancing and asked him to teach their children. That is how T.M. Landry College Prep was founded.

What makes T.M. Landry different?

For starters, there are no sports. As Mike Landry says, "Why play for the team when you can own the team." The lack of sports is not the only difference at T.M. Landry. As you will discover in the video below, there is no prom and at times no teachers. Yep, some of the time students teach themselves. They also stay at school for extended hours until they have learned what they need to know. Going to school on Saturdays for tutoring is mandatory.

No matter what your personal views on education are, there is no denying the results from T.M. Landry.  Watch the video below to learn more about T.M. Landry College Prep and its founders. Let us know what you think about the school by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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