SHREVEPORT, LA - Don't you just love it when you here people say nasty things about the place where you live? It's even worse when it comes from outsiders.

It happened a few years ago when a reporter from Utah visited Shreveport to watch the BYU team play in the Independence Bowl. His comments were pretty harsh. He claimed Every business had their windows barred up and even the local jail appeared to be run down."

Now we get some disrespect from a travel blogger who has been to all 50 states. And this guy's comments are not just about Shreveport. He slams the entire state of Louisiana.

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Who Is This Blogger?

The guy's name is Lee Abbamonte. He is a 45 year old writer who visits places all around the United States and writes about the places he visits. He has reviewed golf courses around the country. He has also checked out National Parks across the nation.

He formerly had a job in finance in New York City. He changed the focus of his life when several co-workers died in the terror attacks on 9/11. He has also lived in California, and Connecticut. He's never lived in the south. But he has visited every state at least 3 times.

Canva/Ingo Dörenberg/ Artisteer/SBSArtDept
Canva/Ingo Dörenberg/ Artisteer/SBSArtDept

Now he has issued his rankings of all 50 states. He ranks the states based on his love of sports, outdoor activities and some of his personal preferences.


What States Are in the Top 5?

5. Hawaii
4. Arizona
3. Utah
2. Colorado
1. California

What States Are in the Bottom 5?

50. North Dakota
49. Kansas
48. Kentucky
47. Louisiana
46. Nebraska

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What Did the Blogger Say Bad About Louisiana?

Abbamonte had good things to say about New Orleans. He calls it a vibrant city. But he adds

"If Louisiana didn't have New Orleans, it would be number 50. New Orleans elevates it."

But he did have something nice to say about Louisiana. He said the Bayou State would have ranked close to the top of his list if the rankings were based on food.

He says

"If it were based on food, Louisiana would be my top 10 — if not top five — because I love Cajun food.

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