A new study from security.org Shows Louisiana has a big increase in retail job openings around the holiday shopping season. Here's some of the ins-and-outs of that study:

Here are key findings in Louisiana:

 No. 40 in the nation with a 2.2% increase in retail employment during November and December compared to the annual average.

 No. 20 with a 0.3% increase in retail employment during the fourth quarter compared to the annual average.

No. 41 with an average weekly retail trade wage of $540

No. 5 for the availability of retail jobs in the economy141, per 1,000 jobs.

 Here are key national findings:

 The top 10 states for November-December retail jobs are: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California, District of Columbia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, Texas and New York.

The bottom 10 states for November-December retail jobs are: Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, West Virginia, Iowa, Vermont, Kansas and Arkansas.

Utah has the highest retail wage — $1,131 per week.

New Hampshire and Utah have the highest percentage of fourth-quarter wages as a share of annual wages, both about 27%.

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