Louisiana lost more than 50,000 jobs during all of 2020.  But our state gained 4,000 nonfarm jobs from November to December.

The private sector added 2700 jobs from November to December, but lost 74,000 jobs during 2020.


How did the Shreveport Bossier area do? Our market gained 1200 jobs from November to December, but for all of 2020, we lost 5100 jobs.

New Orleans is the big loser across the state with more than 45,000 jobs gone for the year. But the area did pickup 1,000 jobs in December.

How did other markets do? Baton Rouge lost 600 jobs in December and shows more than 18,000 jobs gone for the year.

Here's a look at the Shreveport picture from the Louisiana Workforce Commission:


Alexandria lost 2,100 jobs during 2020, but held steady from November to December.

Lafayette added 300 from November to December, but lost 7,200 jobs over the year.

Lake Charles lost 14,800 jobs during all of 2020 but held steady for the final month of the year.

Monroe added 600 from November to December and actually grew jobs by 600 for the year.

Here are some of the details about what happened in the Shreveport market. The local market has a total workforce of 176,200 jobs.

Here are details from several local industries during 2020:

Mining and logging is down 1,400

Construction is down 900

Trade, transportation, and utilities added 1,100 jobs over the year.

Retail trade added 1,200 jobs over the year.

Professional and business services gained 1,700 jobs over the year.

Education and health services lost 1,500.

Leisure and hospitality lost 3,700.

Gambling lost 700.

Accommodation lost 1,500 jobs.

Food services and drinking places lost 1,300.

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